Khan Limited

Aerial Survey (Vexcel UCD)

Photogrammetric Works (Aerial Triangulation, Stereo Digitizing and Orthophoto Production)

3D City Modeling

Lidar and Laser Scanner Works

Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification

Services of Geographic Information System

Geodetic Works and GPS Measurements

Services for Preliminary Projects of Highways, Motorways and Railways

Services for Preliminary Projects of Tunnels and Bridges

Projects of Drinking Water, Drainage and Infrastructure

Services for Preliminary Projects of Pipe Lines

Services for Projects and Implementation of Land Consolidation

Practices of Plans and Implementation of Public Works Construction

Services for Preliminary Projects of Hydroelectric Plants

Services of Preparing Reports of  Environmental Engineering

Sub Bottom Profiling Surveys

Services for Nationalization

Cadastral Works

Services of UAV

Software Development

You may benefit from our demos and test services suitable for the standards and regulations in your own country.
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